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As a company with a black co-owner, we celebrate diversity and welcome individuals of all genders, creeds, religions and sexualities. We believe that everyone deserves to have their love captured in a unique and beautiful way, and we are committed to creating a fun and comfortable environment for all of our clients. So whether you're gay, straight, bi, anything in between, we've got your back.

(a marketing friend told us that saying all of this is a bad idea and we should delete it)

But the truth is, we didn't go to school for photography nor business. We were just two best friends that wanted to create something that were both passionate about and if we can help others in that process by capturing moments in time for them, EVEN BETTER. We approach all our shoots like you're hanging out with two really good friends who happen to be professional photographers. We will always make sure you are super comfortable and having fun with us and we will always match your vibe!

John (Co-Owner, Photographer, Creative Director)

John's been a creative dude since forever, always looking to make something special. That's where Wave 27 comes in. When he was 9, he started writing poetry, then got into video editing, and then finally picked up his first camera. His true love is still video/film, which is why our photos have that cinematic feel to them. We take our job seriously, making sure our photos are top-notch for our clients, but we also want to make sure you have fun while working with us. When he's not perfecting our work, you'll probably find John at home with his cat, re-watching his favorite shows like LOST and Breaking Bad for the hundredth time.

Jamal (Co-Owner, Photographer, Business Manager)

If there is a project happening that Jamal can be apart of, he’s there. An avid photographer with a eye for the best shots to make our customers look incredible in any setting. Not to mention Jamal has a incredible gift at making people feel super comfortable around him and making sure everyone feels welcome and at ease when we are on photo shoots. He will make sure you feel like you’re with friends and family when we are taking your pictures. Jamal is very active and stays in shape with going to gym and then hanging out with his girlfriend and kids at home. He also loves food and will NEVER decline food if you offer us any at your events/weddings.

We're storytellers at heart and love incorporating your story into our photos to make them feel dreamy and cinematic but authentic at the same time. Every picture will feel like a scene from your own beautiful love story.

A beautiful bride in a white wedding gown
A beautiful bride in a white wedding gown
A beautiful bride in a white wedding gown
A beautiful bride in a white wedding gown
A bride standing outside in a garden
A bride and groom standing together
little happy girl
A bride and groom standing together
Groom in wedding outfit
A bride and groom embracing